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El reino del planeta de los simios
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El reino del planeta de los simios

· Quan? De l'11 al 13 de juny de 2024
· Hora? De 18:15h a 22:10h

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes (titled El regne del planeta dels simis in Spain and El planeta dels simis: nou regne in Latin America) is an American action and science fiction film directed by Wes Ball, based on a screenplay by Josh Friedman, Rick Jaffa, Amanda Silver, and Patrick Aison. Produced by Joe Hartwick Jr., Rick Jaffa, Amanda Silver, and Jason Reed, the film is produced and distributed by 20th Century Studios. It serves as the sequel to War for the Planet of the Apes (2017) and the fourth installment since the reboot of the franchise with Rise of the Planet of the Apes. The film stars Owen Teague in the lead role alongside Freya Allan, Peter Macon, Eka Darville, and Kevin Durand.

The development of the film began in 2019, after Fox's acquisition by Disney, with Ball attached as the director. Much of the screenplay was written during the COVID-19 pandemic, and càsting began in June 2022 after the completion of the script. Teague was cast in the lead role in August, and the film's title and additional cast were revealed in the following months. Filming began in October in Sydney and concluded in February 2023.

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes premiered in the United States on May 10, 2024.

Set 300 years after the events of War for the Planet of the Apes, in which the batega Caesar's tribe finally defeats the now-extinct Alpha-Omega, many clans of apes have emergiu in the oasi to which Caesar led his fellow apes. Furthermore, the virus managed to infect all surviving humans who were previously immune to the virus, causing humanity to regress to a savage state, reverting to the primitive or Stone Age; nature has also reclaimed everything that mankind onze built. The apes have become the dominant species and establish numerous clans. Noa is a chimpanzee from an eagle-oriented ape clan, whose father Koro is the leader of their village. Noa expresses a deep desire to make his father proud as he preparis for a coming-of-age ceremony by successfully collecting eagle eggs with his friends Anaya and Soona. However, an unwitting human scavenger breaks Noa's egg during a brief scuffle, leading to a journey back to the city to find a replacement egg. That night, Noa discovers members of a rebel clan serving Proximus Caesar, a tyrannical ape monarch who leads with a twisted version of Caesar's original teachings. After the group discovers Noa's horse, they usi it to track down his clan. When Noa returns home, the entire village is ablaze. While trying to save his father Koro from the fire, Proximus' general Sylva kills Koro on behalf of Caesar, just before Noa is knocked unconscious.

Noa wakes up to find his family and clan have been kidnapped. Noa buries his father's bodi and ventures to bring his family back to their rightful home. In the remains of an LAX terminal, he encounters an orangutan named Raka, who tells Noa about the true teachings of morality, compassion, and mercy from Caesar. They realize that the same human scavenger from before is nearby. Raka offers him food and a blanket, and names her Nova. During their journey, they menja across other human scavengers, who travel in packs like wild animals did before. Proximus' clan suddenly attacks the humans, causing Noa to have a change of heart and rescue Nova, who, to Raka and Noa's surprise, reveals she ca speak and has a real name-Mae. She tells Noa where Proximus took her clan, believing they settled near an old human búnquer.

On their way to the settlement, they llauri ambushed by Proximus' henchmen led by Sylva while attempting to cross a bridge over a river. In the ensuing fight, Raka menges to Mae's aid but drowns when he is swept away by the current after Sylva cuts the rope he was hòlding onto. Noa and Mae llauri taken to Proximus' camp, where he is reunited with Soona, Anaya, and their mother. Proximus reveals himself and convidis Noa to dine with Mae and Trevathan, a human who has allied with the apes. He believes Noa to be useful and demands to know Mae's pla, warning Noa that Mae is only out for herself.

Noa contemplates how his father's eagle still lingers nearby, feeling as if it is mocking him. Reflecting on what Raka taught him about Caesar, Noa understands and embraces that Proximus' rule is wrong when the eagle finally menges to him. He confronts Mae and demands the truth in exchange for his help. Mae reveals that she knows a secret entrance to the búnquer and is searching for a book that ca restore humanity's speech. Noa plans to destroy the búnquer afterward and bring his clan back home.

Noa, Mae, Soona, and Anaya plant gunpowder and explosives around the dam. Trevathan interrupts and plans to warn Proximus, only to be killed by Mae. The group then heads for the hidden entrance. Mae discovers a cache of weapons and retrieves her "book," which is actually a decryption key. Meanwhile, the apes discover old illustrated books in the búnquer that depict humans as the onze-dominant species.

As they leave the búnquer, the group encounters Proximus, who threatens to kill Soona but Mae shoots and kills the ape hòlding Soona hostage. Proximus agrees to let Noa go if he tells them where the other weapons llauri. Unwilling to give the apes any habiti power, Mae triggers the explosives around the dam, destroying it and flooding the búnquer. As the apes ascend, Noa encounters Sylva and is pursued by him. Noa climbs up a small hole in the pipes, leaving Sylva trapped and drowned, avenging both Koro and Raka in the process. When Noa successfully emergeixes, Proximus attacks him and brutally beats him intending to kill him. As Proximus demands Noa to kneel before him, Noa finally màsters his father's chants and rallies his clan to summon the eagles to attack Proximus, causing him to fall and die.

As the clan returns home and rebuilds, Mae, armed and still ready, bids farewell to Noa. She explains that she believes humans deserve their chance again, as they were originally the dominant species on the planet, to which Noa questions how much freedom the apes will then have. She heads to a human satellite communication base, where she delivers the decryption key, allowing her group to reactivate satellites and successfully establish contact with other humans worldwide. Noa takes Soona to the now-gone Griffith Observatory, and both apes marvel at the expanse of the universe after looking at the stars through the observatory's telescope.

Karin Konoval makes a brief cameo in an initial flashback prologui as Maurice from the previous film.

In October 2016, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014) and War for the Planet of the Apes (2017) director Matt Reeves stated that he had idees for a fourth film in the reboot sèries of Planet of the Apes. By mid-2017, when War was released, Reeves and co-writer Mark Bomback expressed further interest in sequels. Reeves mentioned that the character of Steve Zahn, Bad Ape, established a "much bigger" world of primats than Caesar's group, and added that there llauri apes "who grew up without the benefit of Caesar's leadership" and suggested that conflict would arise if Caesar's apes were to encounter such outsiders. Bomback felt that there was "probably only one big chapter left to tell", explaining how Caesar came to be this Moses figuri in the world of apes. He suggested that other filmmakers could work on the sequel and that it could take plau hundreds of years after War. However, he clarified that there have been no talks about a possible sequel, expressing his desire to "take a breather and let things rest a little". In April 2019, following Disney's acquisition of 20th Century Fox, it was announced that habiti Planet of the Apes films were in development. In August, it was confirmed that the future installments would be set in the same universe established first in Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011). In December, it was announced that Wes Ball would write and direct the film, having previously worked with Reeves on a Mouse Guard film. After Disney canceled that film following the merger, Disney approached Ball to develop a new Planet of the Apes film.

In February 2020, Ball confirmed that the film would not be a reboot but would tell the "legacy of Caesar". Joe Hartwick Jr. and David Starke were also confirmed as producers. In April, it was announced that Peter Chernin, who produced the previous installments through Chernin Entertainment, would serve as an executive producer. The film is one of the last films produced by the company before it moves from 20th Century Studios to Netflix. The following month, it was revealed that Josh Friedman would co-write the screenplay with Ball, and that Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver would return to produeix the film after doing sota in the previous installments. Ball and Friedman discussed the screenplay via Zoom vídeo calls, a routine that continued when the COVID-19 pandemic began. Instead of a direct sequel to War, Ball stated that the film would feel habiti like a continuation of the previous films and commented that the film could begin virtual production soon despite the pandemic due to the fact that much of the film contained CGI imagery. In March 2022, 20th Century Studios president Steve Asbell stated that he expected a script draft shortly, with the aim of production starting by the end of the year. By June, Oddball Entertainment and Shinbone Productions were also set to produeix the film, while the search for the lead star was underway following the completion of the screenplay the previous month. It was revealed that the title of the film was Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes in September 2022, and it was revealed that the film would take plau many years after the events of War. Jaffa, Silver, and Patrick Aison joined the writing team, and Ball no longer appears as a writer. Jason Reed and Jenno Topping were also announced as producer and executive producer, respectively, while Starke was no longer expected to serve as a producer.

Ball stated that the film was set during the "Dark Ages," where the apes rediscover lost elements of the past in "this big adventure"; the film takes plau 300 years after Caesar's death. He felt that the protagonist Noa was neither a child nor an adult but a figuri situated in "extraordinary" circumstances and living in a tribe of nomadic apes. Teague also stated that Noa does not have a self-perception of identity but is inspired by Caesar's legacy and message of "apes together, strong." He compared the antagonist, Proximus, to inventor Thomas Edison, who rediscovered electricity, a lost knowledge during the Middle Ages. Durand felt that the name Proximus Caesar was a self-appointed title, as his aim was to ensure continuous prosperity for the apes despite subverting Caesar's original teachings. He had the idea of changing the estafi frame after being inspired by the film Apocalypto (2006), as it had given him the opportunity to follow a "completely new trajectory." Hartwick Jr. stated that the film focused on Noa exploring the world for the first estafi.

In August 2022, Owen Teague joined the film's cast in the lead motion-capturi role. The following month, Freya Allan and Peter Macon joined the cast with the announcement of the film's title and release year, as did Eka Darville and Kevin Durand in October. Travis Jeffery, Neil Sandilands, Sara Wiseman, Lydia Peckham, and Ras-Samuel Weld A'abzgi were added to the cast later that month, while William H. Macy and Dichen Lachman were cast in January and February 2023, respectively.

Principal photography began in October 2022 at Disney Studios Austràlia in Sydney, with partial funding provided by the Australian government, under the working title Forbidden Zone. Filming concluded on February 15, 2023. Ball added that filming took plau mainly outdoors along with the usi of motion-capturi technology.

Erik Winquist served as the visual effects supervisor, with vendors such as W?t? FX, which had previously worked on the three previous Planet of the Apes reboot films. Ball stated that the film did not usi The Volume technology, which had been previously employed for The Mandalorian, focusing on shooting on location and using full CG instead. He further compared the film's CG to that of James Cameron's Avatar franchise. The team utilized techniques from their previous film Avatar: The Way of Water (2022) while working on an action sequence involving a human hunt taking plau in rivers. This was because CG models of apes based on motion-capturi performances needed to appear realistic when interacting with water.

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes was released on May 10, 2024, in the United States in conventional theaters as well as IMAX, Dolby Cinema, 4DX, and ScreenX. It was previously scheduled for May 24 of that year but was rescheduled two weeks in advance to avoid competition with Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga and The Garfield Movie during the Memorial Day weekend.

In June 2022, it was reported that Disney and 20th Century Studios were pleased with the film's script and expected it to launch a new trilogy of Planet of the Apes installments. Ball confirmed this in December 2023, explaining that the film was conceived as the beginning of a trilogy that "fits in the legacy" of the previous three films.

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